Saturday, February 25, 2017


I was reading a blog post over at John's and thought I would add my two cents with my own blog post.

What happens after you die has changed so much over the years.  Once upon a time you would have a church service for the deceased, the  clergy would say many heart felt words about the deceased; whom he would probably have known.  There would be special funeral hymns; Abide With Me being a favourite.  Everyone would be wearing somber colours and there would be a wake/tea after wards to remember the deceased.  The deceased would be buried, occasionally someone would be cremated and be buried in a church yard/cemetery where loved ones would visit regularly and put fresh flowers on your grave on special occasions.  At least that was how it was when I was growing up.

Cremations are more popular, nowadays.  Anything goes when it comes to clothing worn at a funeral.  Here in Canada we can view the body in the days up to the funeral; like a lying in State situation.  Music can be anything from the funeral hymns to country music and popular music.  The last funeral we went to the great grandchildren and grandchildren drew and wrote messages on the casket/coffin.

Prior to coming to Canada 28 years ago I had only seen one dead body, my grandad and that was only a quick glimpse.  Since coming to Canada I have seem numerous dead people, even watched someone take their last breath.  It seems to be more open and welcoming, and more involved here in Canada.  When I think of funerals in Britain they are a more staid somber affair.

I swore I would never get cremated, but over time I have changed my tune.  I know that our children love us to bits, but I also know they would never visit us if we were buried somewhere.  Realistically they are busy people and it would just be another job for them to do by making the trip to the cemetery once or twice a year.  I would rather they remember us as we were and when they think of something that reminds them of us.

Things have changed when it comes to remembering the dead.  What are your thoughts and have you changed your ideas on what will happen to yourself after you die?

On a lighter note.  The kids gave me an envelope for Christmas, I opened it and the first thing I saw were the words URN INSERT.  My first thought was, "do I look that sick?"  However upon further reading it was a membership for this from here:

I get four seasonal inserts for a pot/urn for the garden.  It has nothing to do with death!!!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Learning something new

Would you believe I have been knitting now for nearly two years?  I am not an expert knitter, still haven't knit a pair of socks but I am a bit more confident than I was when I first started.

I still go to a sit and knit not every week, but a lot of the time and the last time I was there, a lady had brought in a pile of books that she didn't want and asked Angie to sell them and donate the money to charity.  So I had a look through them and picked out a couple including the one below, you can read more about the book here (it's an Amazon link).

What caught my eye was this poncho.  I remember having a poncho back in the 70's and thought it looked simple enough while trying out new to me stitches.  Did you have a knitted poncho back in the 70's? 
I did have a few issues, so turned to Angie for guidance, and this is where I learned something new and something so simple that you wonder why I didn't think of that.
The pattern involves purling two stitches together and then a yarn over.  I was getting mixed up with all of that, so Angie suggested I put in stitch markers everytime I did a pattern repeat so I could make sure I had enough stitches on my needles. 
Those stitch markers are a blessing it makes is so much simpler for me to see where I am.  I am quite excited to see how I make out with this.  The yarn I am using is Patons Misty, which is 48% acrylic, 32 % nylon, 10% wool and 10% mohair.  So it should be quite light to wear and pretty with it.  It is a pale green with a bit of beige in it, very Spring like.

I have to thank Angie for lending me her large stitch markers, mine are smaller and wouldn't fit around the 9.00 mm needles.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Instant Pot, decluttering and Netflix........

Remember my Instant Pot post from Tuesday?  It seems everyone who has one loves it and uses it.  I am still on the fence, so will wait until the Black Friday sale in November and revisit the idea.  I think I can manage to live without one until then.

I am still working away at decluttering.  I have been trying to sell a number of unwanted items online with mixed results.  We have a local Facebook site for our area.  I have to shake my head at some people.  They are all gung-ho wanting your items and then just muck you about.  Other people its a simple transaction that goes by without a fuss.  Having a yard sale is a no, no where we live, another one of those delightful rules we must abide by........

Loving Netflix still.  We are now on season 9 on Midsumer Murders, and every episode we say, "we didn't see that coming!!"  We have yet to figure the plot out on any of those episodes........LOL

My mam had a big birthday last week.  Here is one of her cakes; my younger brother had this one made for her:

When you ask her how she is; she always says "I'm fine."  And she is always cleaning, that's why there are all the cleaning items on the cake.  Love Mrs. Brown.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Music Concerts

Over the years we have seen a number of musical acts in concert in Toronto.  Toronto is just "down the road" (1 1/2 hours) from where we live and a large city so all the big musical acts perform there.

However we haven't been to any recently because we can never get tickets.  Adele was here last year; tickets sold out before we could get through, Lady Gaga is coming, again tickets all sold out right away.........BUT.....go back a few days later and you can get tickets but at super inflated prices, from people reselling them.  A couple of "good" seats, not the best seats by any means but good ones are priced at over $2,000 each, who can afford prices like that?  The "nose bleed" seats were heading towards the $200 mark.  We saw a Shania Twain concert in "nose bleed" seats and swore never to sit in those seats again as they are too far back.

So I guess I will have to make do with Youtube videos.  Oh and the reason I wanted to see Lady Gaga is that I would bet she puts on a great show with all the dancers and costume changes etc?  Some of her music is not to my taste, some of it is; overall though I know she puts her heart and soul into her stage performances.

Here is one of my favourite Lady Gaga songs:

and another one:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Instant Pot...........

It seems as usual I am way behind on the latest thing/trend.  For those of you not in the know like me it's a fancy pressure cooker, with many, many other features and people love, love, love them.

now if you click on this link it will take you to Amazon where I got the photo from.  I read through a couple of the reviews on these and everyone seems to rave about them.  Like many people the less time I have to spend in the kitchen the better, but are these a worthwhile item to buy when there is just two of you in the house?  They also seem to be quite expensive; someone did say to wait until Black Friday or other good sale days?

I am still not decided about this, so I thought I would ask you if you had one and why should I get one; or not get one as the case may be?